Killer network service Manager program

The Killer Network Service mechanism is part of the Qualcomm Atheros Network Manager or Killer Network Manager program. KillerService.exe is a non-essential component of Windows that often causes issues. Service runs in the background. It’s functionality is regulated by this service. The functionality provided in the Network Manager must be working, so this service must … Read more

Nvidia Container

NVIDIA has a large number of background processes, some of which can misbehave and trigger a slew of issues for users. One such issue is that the NVIDIA Container process consumes much too much CPU power, slowing down the machine and interfering with other processes.There are many different triggers for this problem, all of which … Read more

Is open source the future of office software?

While many people will be perfectly happy using Office 365 and Google Workspace products for all their word processing and spreadsheet needs, others will prefer something a little less…proprietary. There are a couple of significant benefits of opting for an open source alternative to Office; the products are almost always free and often benefit from continual improvement from a large … Read more