Adobe’s AIR technology has enabled developers all over the world to make some of the most beautiful applications and games on the market today. With over 100 million installs on devices all over the world, Adobe AIR is one of the most efficient runtime environments available.

Developers may use AIR to access features such as text, vector graphics, raster graphics, film, audio, camera, and microphone. File system connectivity, native client extensions, desktop integration, and access to connected devices are all included in AIR. Using local directories, local SQLite databases (for which AIR has built-in support), a web server, or the encrypted local store provided with AIR, programs can interact with data in a variety of ways.

Building AIR Native Extensions, which can access full application features while being coded in the native language, allows developers to gain access to additional functionality.

AIR is a runtime environment that enables Adobe Animate content creators and ActionScript 3.0. It helps to create stand-alone executables that behave similarly to native applications on compatible platforms. A browser-based HTML5 application does not need installation. Whereas AIR apps need installation from a computer (Windows and OS X) or the required App Store (iOS and Android). Browser-based applications only have access to specific files chosen by users. While AIR applications have unlimited access to local storage and file systems.

Adobe can no longer fund or provide the AIR runtimes after 2020. Today HARMAN has taken over as the sole provider of the AIR runtime and SDK.

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